Painting and decorating course

شارك هذه المقالة مع أصدقائك!

Hello everyone, today I offer you a complete free course to learn a group of decorations and ideas in the field of home decoration. You can make and apply these works yourself after watching these videos.

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Why did we do this course and promote it outside the Arab countries?
The first goal is to exchange ideas and knowledge, as well as to have a foreign audience that supports art and useful content. There are a lot of ideas that I will try to tell you about every time, so I will put a video tutorial in this regard. We hope for support and for you to benefit from the image more than speaking, because most of the videos are Arabic. They contain subtitles. You can translate the videos into any language you know. The important thing is that we focus on teaching a picture and simplifying things so that everyone can benefit.

video 1

Water-based paints and colorants without odor

video 2

Black paint and spray only

video 3

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How to change the colors of the devices

video 4

Ideas for making a modern lighting unit very cheap

video 5

How to make plaster look like old copper

For more ideas, you can follow our YouTube channel. The channel contains many videos in the field of decoration
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If you have a question or need help, contact me via email

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